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Isanti, MN Street Dance - Brat Pack Radio is back!

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Intersection of 1st Ave. and Main St., 1st Ave. & Main St., Isanti, MN

All dances will be held from 7-11 p.m. at the intersection of First Avenue and Main Street in downtown Isanti.

Beer wagon, food vendors and non-food vendors will be present at each dance. Alcohol sales will be monitored through the use of wristbands and law enforcement.

Should the weather not cooperate for any of the events, the event will be canceled, with the cancellation being announced as early as possible. The public is encouraged to watch for cancellations on the city’s website, www.cityofisanti.us, and the city of Isanti Facebook page.

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For 17 years and running now, Minnesota-based Brat Pack Radio has been performing far and wide across the globe. From Midwestern venues & festivals near home, to the Russian coast, European riverboats and 1,001 points in between, they continue to turn heads with a polished, high-energy, non-stop Supershow that can only be described as seriously fun.

Mixing top-shelf musical performances with spoof and carnival theatrics, this is anything but typical cover band fare, and it shows first and foremost in the personnel. Co-frontman Ryan Lance is a 3-time Emmy® Award-winning songwriter, and also a founding member of a cappella darlings The Blenders, who’ve produced 14 albums over the last 30 years, toured extensively throughout the U.S., and scored a number one European hit with the 1998 Universal Records release “I’m in Love with the McDonald’s Girl.”

Brat Pack Radio’s airtight performances readily live up to the “radio-” and ‘80s-centric aura in the name. While things center around poking excessive fun at excesses of the decade, this Supershow is also infused with a healthy dose of 21st century sensibility, including sharply executed “time warp” forays into present day homage (Bruno Mars, Lizzo, Beyonce, Timberlake, to name a few). Lance is an expert comic improviser who volunteers tongue-in-cheek one-liners and off-the-wall antics with remarkable ease. Rather than focusing on much of the arena metal and new wave that tend to characterize the era (and, seemingly, many tribute bands), Brat Pack Radio slant strongly toward dance-pop favorites and R&B hits. Add to that the visual spectacle – everything from knife-juggling and spinning keyboards to stylish choreography and an impressive LED light show – and it’s evident Lance, and company have created a winning formula that continues to draw flocks of Gen X-ers and non-‘80s fans alike out to shows and onto the dance floor!